The Sinews of Peace vs The Treacherous Era of Peace

The Last Civil Right

ChurchillOn March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Great Britain delivered what is regarded as one of his most important speeches, here in America at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri.  The speech that Churchill delivered is titled The Sinews of Peace or some call it the ‘Iron Curtain’ speech as this speech highlighted the dangers of the cold war, and sharing nuclear armaments with Russia. Sound familiar? Switch out 1946 for 2015 and swap Churchill for Netanyahu, different eras, different American Presidents, same threat, a nuclear world war.

The Sinews of Peace was a speech that highlighted the unfamiliar and the precarious relationship between those in nations of freedom and liberty versus the Communist countries. Churchill may have also been alarmed at the pro-Soviet sentiment that was prevalent in the United States at that time, possibly due to the newly organized United Nations and even in 1945 the…

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